A magical story to soothe your crying baby at night


Since my little Félix has been having difficult nights lately, I wanted to share with you a magical story to help your crying baby (and yourself!).


Tested and approved! It’s actually a famous NLP technique that I learned from my mother-in-law. In France we would call it a “remède de grand-mère” or an old home-remedy.

 If your baby often cries and doesn’t sleep well at night and once you’re sure that baby isn’t sick, here is a little experience worth trying.

 Make up an animal family without using any familiar animal (like your pet). Once chosen, always keep the same animal. Let’s take the lion for example: daddy lion, mommy lion and baby lion.


Put yourself in an observer’s shoes who would watch what’s happening in that family from above and who would tell a story as some kind of giant.

1st step:

For 3 or 4 days, at bedtime, tell baby the story of the lion family.

"This morning, mommy lion woke baby lion up. Daddy lion had a shower. Mommy lion changed baby lion’s diaper. Baby lion cried. Mommy lion dressed baby lion. Baby lion cried. Mommy lion woke baby lion’s little sister up. Baby lion’s little sister got dressed. Mommy lion fixed breakfast. Baby lion cried. And so on…Daddy lion dropped baby lion at the daycare…And so on….

 Describe the day of baby lion and his family mentioning each time baby lion cried. Just tell the facts, only what you see, only what you hear. Don’t give any interpretation such as “baby lion cried because of this or that”. Never say “I” neither the baby’s name nor any name of the family members.

 Repeat that every evening for 3 or 4 days.

 Second step:

On the fourth or fifth day, tell again the story of the day mentioning all the times that baby lion cried. Only facts. You can say “Mommy lion laughed or cried but you don’t say “mommy lion is sad” because the giant who’s watching from above only tells what he says and hears.

Finish by: But why is baby lion crying non stop like this? What does baby lion see his head? What’s in baby lion’s heart? Put into words the fact that mommy lion is asking herself some questions while naming them. Tell the strict truth. 

Because Mommy Lion is really fed up! (don't forget that sentence). 

And of course, enjoy the soft and soothing melodies of our lovely music boxes in baby's bedtime routine! (playing cool melodies like Fly me to the moon, I just called to say I love you, Somewhere over the rainbow and more...)

That’s it! Good luck and let me know if it works.

Sleep well!