Ashley Fultz, founder of the Style Editrix and beautiful mom-to-be

  Ashley with her little bump wear an Ingrid and Isabel striped dress

Do you enjoy being pregnant? How do you feel? 
Pregnancy has been such a blessing. I haven’t had the easiest time with round-the-clock sickness the first trimester (thank goodness for anti-nausea medicine) and now in my final trimester I have experienced some numbness in my feet and back pain, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. I know I am a lucky girl to have gotten pregnant so quickly and to have a healthy baby so far.

How do you plan to balance (or try to balance) your life as a professional blogger, wife and mom? Will you get any help?
Balancing blogging, motherhood and being a good wife is something I think about daily. I know it will be a struggle, but at the same time I am confident once our little man arrives, we will figure it out. I still plan to blog soon after he is born and will just determine how much help I need in order to get it all done. I am so lucky because my mom will be moving in with us for the first two months to help me adjust to life as a mom and then she is moving nearby to continue to be a really hands-on grandma!

What’s your “me” time? 
I love “me” time! Whether it is an hour a night watching one of my favorite reality shows, getting a manicure or reading a book on my iphone, I have a lot of it now and hope to carve out me time still once baby arrives with the help of my husband and mom.

Do you have any beauty tips you could share with us? Especially while being pregnant, what’s your favorite product you couldn’t live without?
I love trying new beauty products and luckily being a blogger I pretty much have tried everything from La Mer to BioOil. I have been really dry during pregnancy, so I love using face oil, Sonya Dakar and Goldfaden MD make great ones, and then I also swear by Murad Firm and Tone Serum and Shiffa Pregnancy Oil to help your body stay moisturized and hopefully avoid stretch marks.

Did you read any book about becoming a mom? Are you getting ready in any other way? Or do you just trust your instinct?
I have read so much preparing for baby. Two great books I highly recommend are Bringing Up Bebe and Cherish the First Six Weeks. I also constantly check the Baby Center app on my phone and joined a mommy forum on Facebook where moms post questions and articles about things they are experiencing or questions they have – it’s all very helpful!

As a future mom, what are the most important things you’d wish to transmit to your baby?
I want my baby to be smart, happy and confident. I want him to feel surrounded by love and support and know that the world is his oyster. I also want to make sure he is well-mannered and a communicative strong man who respects women! I have high hopes for him!

Because being pregnant can be challenging sometimes and because we all have bad days, what do you do when you loose it? 
I have definitely had those days during pregnancy when I feel scared and overwhelmed. I am all about crying it out and talking to my husband and mom. I have a big support system thank goodness.

How does your perfect nursery look like? What are your must-haves? Do you have any favorite brands? 
We have been working on the nursery for the last month or so and I am so excited to see it all come together. I love nurseries that are gender-neutral, elegant and cozy. I want it to feel very warm and inviting. I love the Delta Furniture (crib and glider), gold accents and the super cute bow tie decals I got from Tinyfrenchy! I also love the little animal prints from The Animal Print shop. So cute!


Extra Questions (because I’m very curious ☺)

Do you have any pregnancy cravings?
I had a lot of cravings my first trimester including sweets and candy and carbs! It gained a lot of weight pretty quickly lol! Thank goodness that is gone now.

What’s your favorite pregnancy outfit right now? Any favorite designer?
I love Ingrid and Isabel for maternity clothes and you can also find amazing designers and your favorite skinny jeans at A Pea in the Pod – AG was my favorite before and during pregnancy.

Did you pick a name already? Would you give us a little hint? ;)
We have picked a name and it is one from Sex and The City! I don’t know anyone in real life with his name and I am very happy about that!


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