Eva Amurri Martino, Founder of Happily Eva After and Mom of Marlowe

 Photo credit: Nina Suh

Photo credit: Nina Suh


How was it to become a Mom?   
Becoming a Mom was nothing like I thought it was going to be – every detail from my child herself, to what my strengths or weaknesses were as a parent, and how my husband and I parent together– was such a surprise! That’s why I try to encourage new parents to allow the experience of Parenthood to teach them about itself, and not to have too many preconceived notions going in to it.   Being Marlowe’s Mom has taught me so much about myself, and I’m so grateful for how much it’s pushed me to grow as a person. 

How do you balance (or try to balance) your life as a professional blogger, wife and mom? 
I’m always trying to figure out a better way!  Balancing work, a relationship, and children is so hard for any woman– and I can tell you that working from home makes it extra challenging.  I’ve gotten better at locking myself away during most of the day in order to get work done– I schedule time with my husband, and make sure I’m making time for one-on-one chunks playtime with Marlowe at least a few times a week.   I always put her to bed at night, and this is our favorite time to reconnect and snuggle. 

What’s your “me” time? 
I love to pour a delicious glass of wine and either watch a cheesy TV show, or read a magazine.  If I really plan ahead, Girls Nights out help me recharge in a major way, too!

Do you have any beauty tips you could share with us?  
Find a few simple products that help you feel and look refreshed.  Make sure your every day beauty routine is simple enough that it is sustainable– and you don’t have an excuse not to do it.  For example, curl and paint your lashes, if you only have time for one thing. It takes thirty seconds and really changes your entire face. 

Do you have a secret to get your daughter eat veggies? (it’s becoming more and more difficult on my side ;)
Marlowe has always loved veggies! I started her on them (Kale, specifically) instead of rice cereal when she was first eating solids (per a recommendation from our Pediatrician) and they remain her favorite food! She wants broccoli over a cracker any day, HA! But I know that putting steamed veggies in to pasta sauces– or even meatballs before you bake them– is an excellent way to trick your kids!


What’s your motto as a mom (if you have one)? Or maybe 3 words to describe your education philosophy?
I’m really committed to raising children who believe that kindness, humor, intelligence, and bravery are the most beautiful attributes of a person.  Those things are the goal– and how we get there is flexible.  I really have realized that parenting is something that evolves with your family– it’s nearly impossible to know where you will be in your parenting a year or five years from now!

Because a mom’s life can be challenging and because we all have bad days, what do you do when you loose it? 
Ah, yes.  The Mama Meltdown! I have had many, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  Mostly mine are related to the work/life balance, and feeling overwhelmed or guilty.  I’m trying to let go more easily.  One of my favorite tips is to really voice when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Sometimes saying it out loud will help me diffuse the feelings so they don’t boil over.  I also let myself cry when I need to, though I usually wait until Marlowe is sleeping or in another person’s care so I don’t freak her out.  

How would you describe your style in terms of kids’ room décor? Do you have any favorite brands? 
I really love bright colors and mixed prints, and stark white with a bold pattern can be perfection in a kids’ room.  Anything to spark the imagination!  I love Oeuf, Land Of Nod, Earth Cadets, and Serena & Lily

What’s your kids’ favorite book right now?  
She is having a renaissance with the classic Goodnight Moon right now.  She used to not care about it AT ALL.  Now she wants to read it every day. 

What is her favorite lullaby?  
I sing her a bunch of songs every night at bedtime, but I always start with You Are My Sunshine and Twinkle Twinkle.

What is your favorite baby-care product?  
I have always loved Boudreaux’s Butt Past, Jurlique Baby Soothing Moisturizing Cream, and Honest Company Shampoo/Body Wash

  Kyle, Marlowe & Eva. Photo credit: Nina Suh

Kyle, Marlowe & Eva. Photo credit: Nina Suh