Countdown before a glittery Christmas with your kids!


The holidays are right around the corner and all your family and friends will be getting together very soon. This final countdown before a glittery Christmas is such a special time for our kids!

I really enjoy being caught in the spiral of Christmas Magic which started on December 1st: decorating the Christmas tree and enjoying its wonderful smell throughout the house, counting down the days on the advent calendar, baking some Christmas cookies (see a great recipe here), joyfully singing Christmas carols like the famous "Vive le vent", which is the French version of "Jingle Bells"...

And enjoying some traditional kids Christmas movies like this very beautiful and moving Mickey Christmas Carol from 1983.

Less than one week to go before the big day. Have you planned our kids outfits? Christmas is also the perfect occasion to dress up and pick the right outfits for your kids. I remember how happy I was to dress up when I was a little girl. It was part of Christmas magic. Your kids will turn into princes and princesses and they will sparkle like the star of the Christmas tree!

And what's best than a glittery accessory to add a final touch to your girls outfit?  Your little girl likes to wear nail polish? No more excuse like "it's not good for kids" or "it's toxic", "it's stains". Enjoy this super safe and natural nail polish just for children! Nailmatic kids nail polish is full of super powers: this water-based varnish has defeated the nasty products! It can hide in cute coloring boxes. It magically disappears with warm soapy water. And you don't need any nail polish remover. This water-based varnish made without organic solvents is phtalate-free, formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and fragrance-free! You just need to choose from 3 different color assortments. And you will make somebody really happy!


Don't worry, there's still time to get them by Christmas :)