A symbol of strength and kindness

Too cute to be true. This week, let's celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Mr. Indian Panda. 



Combining her passion for black and white with her taste for the indian spirit, the Indian panda quickly became the lucky charm of Mélanie, one of our beloved designers. 
His sweet look is really touching while his Indian feather crown makes him brave and strong to protect its tribe. Being both a teddybear and a valiant warrior, the Indian panda appeals to all generations as a great symbol for peace and animal protection. 

Inspiring tranquil strength, determination and kindness, the Panda is renowned to bring good luck, and positive outlook on life.

So who's better than Mr. Indian Panda to watch over our babies and kids? 

As a wall trophy, poster or pillow, just fall for it and please don't forget to share it with your friends :)  

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Have a wonderful week!