The Matryoshka Musical Doll: an inspiring story!

To celebrate the launch of Tinyfrenchy's newsletter, I told a story that will also be the first blog's post! :)

THE MUSICAL MATRYOSHKA DOLL by Barnabé aime le café


A few years ago, the talented Anne Giniaux, future founder of the brand Barnabé aime le café, sat in her room in Toulouse, France and hand crafted two Matryosha dolls with Liberty fabrics (similar to the one pictured above). She gave them both to her best friend's daughters.

They absolutely loved them!

Anne's friend had a brilliant idea: "Have you thought of making music boxes with awesome songs? Your dolls are amazing, and every music box I've seen has 
sh...y melodies."
No offense but at that time, all music boxes had very traditional and classical melodies. 

Lucky for us, Anne wasn't a mom yet, and took her friend's word for it :). 

The Musical Matryoshka doll was born.

With cool melodies such as Hey Jude by the Beatles, La Javanaise by Serge Gainsbourg, Somewhere over the rainbow, it quickly became a must-have in all nurseries.

My takeaway? Be open, listen to your friends, be inspired by your kids and be creative!

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