Lizzie Wall, Founder of Kids Gifts & Toys and Mother of Two Boys

  Lizzie with her son Hudson

Lizzie with her son Hudson

How was it to become a Mom? 
I have to say I adored becoming a Mum but it also came as a HUGE shock! 
Growing up I never had a burning desire to become a mother as I know other women have. But I knew it would be part of my future. So many people warn you that having a child will change your life, but you don’t realise until you have a baby how true that is. It was a hard adjustment knowing that a little baby depending solely on me. The loss of independence was quite a lot to cope with in the early days. 
However, I was also totally blown away by how powerful our bodies are as woman. That we could create, nurture, give birth and then feed these tiny little humans. I just kept looking at him and still do to this day and think WOW, we created this human. That is one pretty phenomenal experience! 

How do you balance (or try to balance) your life as a professional blogger, wife and mom?  
I have to say this is pretty hard work.  I will admit, I am not particularly good at it at all. I think it is really hard as a woman especially these days, as really we want it all. We want to be the best mums, wives and career women too! I have worked out we can’t have it all and be 100% happy in all 3 parts. It is best just to be content with whatever path we have chosen. We also as mothers have to be happy as well as having happy kids.  I went back to work 3 days a week when my eldest was 11 months old and that was pretty tough going as he cried every drop off at Nursery for 8 weeks. After another year, I went back 4 days and I always felt each day go by in a blur! I salute all full time working mums as seriously juggling getting ready, day care drop offs and pick ups, cooking and cleaning and then trying to find some family time 5 days a week is so hard. 
I work now 2 days a week with a view to 3 days next year and each night including weekends, I work for 3 – 4 hours on my blog. I try not to do my blog work on the 3 days I take care of Hudson, nor after school as I feel these years when they are so young fly by so fast, that I need to be present in the moment with them. But I also realise I am lucky to have these days with them, not all mothers do. We struggle financially with me not working full time but they are only young once. Hudson will go to school in 2 years and then I am sure things will change again. 

What’s your “me” time? 
Hmm, does that exist as a mum?! To be honest my hubby is quite good with taking the kids out and about but that is usually so I can work on my blog. I do try to get a pedicure and manicure every few months and that time is utterly precious and I feel like I am in heaven. In between that time my nails look shocking! haha

Do you have any beauty tips you could share with us?
I love my Garnier BB cream! I couldn’t live without it. It moisturizes, has UVA/B, and covers up. I put it on in the car just as we are leaving  to go out for the day and pop on a little Stila Convertible colour in Magnolia or Gladiola and some lip gloss (yep so 90’s!) and it takes about 2 mins max. And always a spritz of parfum! I adore Balenciaga at the moment.

  Photo credit:  La Petite Etoile

Photo credit: La Petite Etoile

Do you have a secret to get your kids eat veggies? (it’s becoming more and more difficult on my side ;)
Hmm, no but welcome to any suggestions!!! I tend to hide vegetables grated up in sauces. But honestly my kids need to eat more vegetables. We planted a veggie patch this spring but I think my children will only eat the sweetcorn and carrots from it…

What’s your motto as a mom (if you have one)? Or maybe 3 words to describe your education philosophy?
What a great question. Hmm, I honestly just try to be the best I can be. No mother or child is perfect. We all have good and bad days and I look at each day being the start of something new. I like to make my kids laugh and I hope that most days there are more laughter than tears in our household! 

Because a mom’s life can be challenging and because we all have bad days, what do you do when you loose it? 
I am not one of those gentle earth mothers who talks softly and doesn’t say “no” to their child. I have lost it with the kids A LOT. If it is quite bad, I try to remove myself from the situation and walk into another room to calm down. It is hard though as they tend to follow me!! 

How would you describe your style in terms of kids’ room décor? Do you have any favorite brands? 
Ooh I adore kids’ rooms.  My style I guess is monochrome with pops of colour. Scandi meets boho or Warhol! I like a white background and accessorizing with colour either through toys, decals, books, linen, painted furniture or cushions.  I am also obsessed with grid and anything mint and together they match perfectly.
I can never be completely Scandi though as I am not minimalist. I also adore vintage furniture and try to include that in my rooms as much as possible. I love our French school desk I picked up on Ebay for example. It is practical as well as looks great! 
That is a tough call regarding favourite brands as I love so many.  I try to always support handmade or ethically produced as much as possible with my blog. I love Down to the Woods, Inkibabinki, Minimel, Hay Design, House Doctor, Pax and Hart, Charlie and Jae. Really the list goes on and on. 


What’s your kids’ favorite book right now? 
An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton. 

What is/was their favorite lullaby?  
Brahms Lullaby

What is/was your favorite baby-care product? 
Brauer Oral Teething Drops – a god send for a teething baby! 


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